Advisor and Advisor Client Addendum

Last updated April 26, 2023

This Advisor and Advisor Client Addendum (“Advisor Addendum”) is an agreement between you and Snug, Inc. and supplements Snug’s Terms of Service found at, incorporated herein. All capitalized terms not defined in this Advisor Addendum have the meanings prescribed to them in the Terms.

The purpose of this Advisor Addendum is to provide terms supplemental to those found in Snug’s Terms of Service for users who have an advisor account (“Advisors”) and Advisor clients that access the Services through an Advisor account seat license (“Advisor Client”). All provisions of the Terms of Service not in conflict with a specific term herein shall continue to apply to your use of Snug’s Services.

In the event that any term of this Advisor Addendum conflicts with a provision of the Terms, the term of this Advisor Addendum shall prevail and any unaffected provision of the Terms shall continue in full force and effect. 

1. Description of Advisor Services. 

Snug provides a suite of estate planning services for Advisors and their clients, including but not limited to the provision of Snug accounts for Advisor Clients, creating estate planning documents, providing estate reports for existing estate plans, and an Advisor dashboard to manage operations and view client documents. 

2. Advisor Client Account Set Up and Management. 

Upon the creation of an Advisor account and payment of the applicable fees (“Advisor Subscription Fee,”) Advisor will be granted a seat license for Advisor Clients to create free Snug accounts (“Seat License”). The Seat License enables Advisor to invite Advisor Clients to create free Snug accounts through Advisor’s unique link or code. Each Advisor Client will use their own login information and password to access their account. Advisor cannot create accounts on behalf of Advisor Clients. Any Advisor Client creating a Snug account must also agree to Snug’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 

An Advisor Client who creates a Snug account under the Seat License consents to Advisor’s ability to view Advisor Client account information, including permissions to view documents generated by Advisor Client’s use of the Services. Once an Advisor Client consents, Advisor may view the permitted Advisor Client information through the Advisor dashboard. An Advisor Client may revoke this consent at any time. 

Please note that when an Advisor Client creates an account pursuant to this Section 2, the use of the Services by the Advisor Client counts towards the Client Deliverable limits as explained below. 

3. Client Deliverables Limits and Overages

Advisors and Advisor Clients may use the Services to create and update document packages (“Client Deliverables.”) The Advisor’s subscription plan determines the number of Client Deliverables that are included in the subscription. For firms that have authorized multiple Advisors to use the firm Advisor Account, every document generated by an authorized Advisor counts towards the Client Deliverable limit. Documents created by Advisor Clients in their Advisor Client account are considered Client Deliverables, and also count towards the Client Deliverable limit. 

Once the Client Deliverable limit is reached, each additional Client Deliverable will be billed to the Advisor account. Advisor is responsible for the payment of any and all additional Client Deliverables. Invoices for additional Client Deliverables are due immediately upon receipt. Any failure to pay for additional Client Deliverables may result in suspension or termination of the Advisor Account pursuant to the Terms of Service.

For the most current information about Advisor Subscription Fee pricing, number of Client Deliverables included in a subscription, and fees for additional Client Deliverables, please consult the Website. 

4. Termination of Advisor Account.

In the event of termination of the Advisor Account pursuant to the Terms of Service, Advisor Seat License will also terminate. Advisor Clients will receive written notice that they may convert their Advisor Client account to a paid Snug account to continue receiving the Services. Snug may, at its sole discretion, delete or retain any Account Content and/or User Submitted Content associated with an Advisor Account and/or Advisor Client Account in accordance with the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. 

5. Contact Us.

For more information about Advisor Accounts, Advisor Client Accounts and/or this Advisor Addendum, please contact us at: