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Snug is the perfect wrapper for any estate plan, regardless of complexity or net worth.
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“I'm amazed how simple the planning process can be with a little structure and guidance.”
Stacy, mom in Colorado
“We used Snug to help my 80-year-old dad get organized and think through heirlooms.”
Mark, son in Ohio
“I went for a Power of Attorney for myself and left with one for the whole family!”
Calvin, dad and husband in Georgia

Let's focus on the essentials

Wills & Trusts

Starting at $195, create new Will and Trusts in under 20 minutes, or upload an existing document for analysis and updates.
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Health Care Directive

Free with any Will or Trust, create a Medical Power of Attorney and Living Will in under 10 minutes.
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Power of Attorney

Free with any Will or Trust, create a Power of Attorney tailored to your state laws in under 5 minutes.
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Plan today and avoid headaches tomorrow.



An executor or trustee spends 500+ hours cleaning up a messy estate.


Many families report conflict due to poor planning and communication.

Now, let's make a legacy


Family, pets, personal history, and wisdom to pass along to the next generation.


Estate planning, marriage (and divorce), business documents and succession plans.


List of assets and debts to make clear inventories and avoid discovery efforts.


Life, home, auto, and health insurance policies and beneficiaries.


Historical state and federal tax returns and supporting documents.


Vehicles, real estate, and other property to create a Personal Property Memorandum.


Social media, cloud storage, photo services, and more digital assets.
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Comprehensive guides for you and your loved ones.

Complete Guide to Estate Planning

Estate planning can sound scary and complex, but we're here to help simplify the process and decisions for you and your family.

Complete Guide for Executors

Being an Executor or Personal Representative can be a rewarding, yet challenging role. This guide helps to light the way.

Complete Guide for Trustees

Being a Trustee is a significant legal and operational role. This guide includes everything from taxes to liability to fiduciary duties.