Welcome, NICU parents!


Snug was inspired by the birth of our son, Sam (pictured above doing kangaroo care with his mom).  He arrived at 27 weeks and we spent the first 60 days of his life in the NICU.  We know firsthand how hard this rollercoaster can be for parents.  The support structures in our families and at the hospitals were literal lifesavers and we’re forever indebted to the nurses, the doctors, the respiratory therapists, the lactation consultants, the volunteers, and our fellow NICU parents.

Snug is proud to have partnered with Love for Lily, a Colorado non-profit whose mission is to empower, support, and connect families in the NICU.  We’re providing all NICU families with a free month of diapers when the day finally comes for them to head home.

Please email us at hello@getsnug.com with any questions.

NICU Picks

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