We are parents too.


At Snug, our mission is to help parents and caregivers by building a better baby store.

For parents and caregivers who are overwhelmed by advice and choice and need a helping hand, Snug is a service that provides access to top-rated, high-quality kid and baby gear.

Unlike traditional baby stores and mega-retailers, Snug celebrates parenthood, empowers parents to easily make important decisions with confidence, and gives them flexibility.  Snug also celebrates local communities by hiring locally and reinvesting time and profit into the communities we serve.


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The principles that shape everything we do.

Safety & Quality

These are table stakes and our top priorities.  Everything we do must first meet our very high bar for safety and quality.


We make top-of-the-line products accessible at affordable prices.


We help people get everything they need and nothing they don’t. We strive for balance in our product, our partnerships, and our team.


We build our products and teams to be inclusive, diverse, and equitable for parents, caregivers, and families of all types.


We’re in this together. We’re on parents’ side and we help them maintain their identities by offering them this flexibility.


We are reducing excess and waste to create a better future for our children and our planet.